BBHS in collaboration with Brock Solutions to close the automation gap on last and first mile baggage handling

BBHS is excited to be in collaboration with Brock Solutions to transform current manual baggage handling processes into automated processes. Brock Solution’s expertise and commitment to provide automated solutions for manual repetitive tasks while improving system performance and introducing cost reductions and operational efficiencies aligns with BBHS’s goals and vision to disrupt the industry’s status quo of the manual and laborious inefficient last and first mile baggage handling processes.

Brock Solutions is one of the largest independent Baggage Handling System (BHS) controls integrators in the world having executed more than 1,000 sortation and controls projects in some of the world’s largest airports throughout the past 25 years.

Enter BBHS, the automated ergonomic solution which removes 95% lifting enables stability of last and first mile baggage operation eliminates unexpected downtimes due to the incoincidence of departure peaks and manpower planning. The BBHS system modularity and scalability introduces smart utilization of make-up area with innovative multilevel Capacity Boosters just-in-time storage removes current poor space utilization of dollies storage/staging thereby deferring airport infrastructure expansion.

The ultimate automation yield rest on lower per bag handling cost presents a unifying posture to introduce collaborative efforts in utilizing BBHS, outlining the potential of improved earnings to airport, handler, and airline.

The BBHS system is supported by the IT architecture from Brock Solutions. It enables our system to operate and keep full track of sortation and baggage using the SmartSuite software.

SmartSort manages the high-level controls, consisting of:

  • Sort Allocation Controller (SAC) – The central server of the system for all real-time communication requirements, including an interface for the receipt of BSM and Flight Data, and communication with the PLCs to direct sortation into the Capacity Boosters and Departure Control Units, as well as to receive baggage event messages.
  • Data Historian System (DHS) – A central server within the system, for all long-term storage. It is responsible for collecting and storing data from the PLCs and the SAC.
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) – Provided via SmartVision on both a mobile HMI and an operator workstation.

SmartControl manages the lower-level conveyor controls, BBHS equipment and PLCs required for the system.

What holds all of this together is SmartSuite Enterprise, a consolidated, real-time view of both baggage and passenger operations. The SmartSuite Web Client provides the interface to the Management Information System (MIS). The data management and reporting facilities required to operate and maintain the BBHS system is conducted via the system. The SmartSuite Web Client also includes Global Search, which allows users to search for flights, passengers, baggage, or any combination of those items from one screen. Advanced users can also view bag transactions and messages (i.e. BSM, BPM, etc.) for each tag number.

SmartSuite Enterprise and the BBHS system can also integrate with SmartBag, Brock Solutions’ Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS), to automate the baggage handling process even further whether it is simple reconciliation, or an automated recovery and IROPS handling view.

Get in touch with us to find out more about how our collaboration with Brock Solutions can help with transforming your airport’s last and first mile baggage handling processes.