BBHS invited as speaker on “Airport Innovation” at Brock Solutions’ Airport Automation Summit 2016

Martin Sattrup Christensen, CEO of BBHS A/S, participated as speaker for this years Brock Solutions’ Airport Automation Summit 2016, Kitchener, ON, Canada, on the topic “Emerging Industry Technologies”.

The role of technology in airport and airline operations has increased dramatically in the past decade. Technological solutions have resulted in a marked improvement in the efficiency of baggage processing, as well as increased security, operational monitoring, and a better overall passenger experience. Martin participated in a “rapid-fire” session where a few of the exciting innovations that have recently emerged in the aviation industry were highlighted, including why these innovations are important, what you need to know about them, the associated benefits and risks, and showcase examples of each technology.

Martin was asked to elaborate on how BBHS through innovative thinking and technological development can improve baggage handling efficiency, work environment, and overall system performance, with the purpose of showing how it can bring value to all airport/airline stakeholders.