Markeds Modningsfonden



BBHS Selected for Danish Market Development Fund

BBHS has been selected for the Danish Market Development Fund guarantee. This provides a boost for our solution’s commercial market prospects.

The purpose of the guarantee is: 
Enterprises with innovative products can be assisted by the Market Development Fund’s guarantee to mitigate buyers’ uncertainty about investing in new technology, thereby boosting a solution’s commercial market prospects.

What does the guarantee cover?
The guarantee applies to the unique situation where the product’s innovative aspect does not function up to par or have the standard of quality which a customer could reasonably expect based on the product specification in the sales agreement. Your application must describe the substance of this innovative aspect.
The buyer has a 20% own risk, which means that if the buyer chooses to redeem the guarantee, the maximum refund will be 80% of the purchase price.
This guarantee scheme is basically a return scheme, which means that the buyer must generally return the product in order to redeem the guarantee.

To read more about the Danish Market Development Fund and their support of BBHS, please follow this link (N.B. Danish only): Market Development Fund