BBHS wins category in KLM Schiphol Automated Baggage Handling Challenge.

Baggage handling is an important aspect in air travel. After the passenger has checked in, the Baggage is transported from the terminal to the airplane and after landing it is transported from the airplane to the Baggage conveyor belts to be picked up by the passengers. Baggage Handling is currently carried out manually, which is time consuming, and is considered heavy labor.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Schiphol Amsterdam Airport are constantly striving to improve both the human factor as well as efficiency, and believe that new technologies can be a breakthrough in Baggage Handling. The goal of this challenge is to find proposals for baggage handling systems to carry out this process fully automated.


"We are pleased to inform you that BBHS has won the Automated Baggage Handling Challenge in the category ‘Global solutions for (un)loading in baggage hall and at the airplane’. Congratulations!"

We would like to thank you for your interest in the KLM Schiphol Automated Baggage Handling Challenge, and taking the time and effort of participating in the finals.

In your proposal you demonstrated an integral solution to bridge the current manual handling process between a sorting hall and the ramp. The bottleneck in automating the baggage handling process so far has been handling non-standardized baggage. Your solution however surpasses the whole issue of handling non-standardized baggage by letting baggage flow directly from conveyor belts into baggage carts and vice versa

As a consequence the (un)loading of baggage carts in the baggage hall turns from a matter of minutes into a matter of seconds. Another huge advantage of your proposal is the relative technical simplicity.

Your solution is therefore likely to require fewer maintenance costs compared to robotized solutions and overall your proposal is the most credible solution for (un)loading baggage carts in the baggage hall and on the platform and therefore the rightful winner of this challenge.