Danish company revolutionizes baggage handling in airports

Next week the Danish company BBHS A/S is nominated for an international IATA award thanks to innovative new thinking within handling of luggage in airports. The automatic system cuts back on waiting time and the amount of damaged baggage, minimizes work injuries, reduces costs and increases profits for airports, airlines and baggage handlers.

The summer holidays are approaching and travel activity is about to peak in airports throughout the world.

You may know what it feels like to be waiting for your baggage while dreaming about hot weather and cocktails and then discover that your baggage has been lost or damaged.

No matter where you are going, this is something, which can change. Quite soon damaged suitcases, long waiting times and physical injuries to the staff that handle the baggage may become things of the past.

The Danish company BBHS A/S has come up with an innovative solution which means baggage handling will be performed by an automatic system which reduces manual lifting of baggage in airports by up to 95% and also cuts back the amount of damaged baggage by up to 50%.

Martin Sattrup Christensen, CEO of BBHS A/S, explains:
“We aim to take baggage handling into the twenty-first century, and, in all modesty, our solution is the most important game-changer in this field for the last 50 years. Our system will reduce waiting- time and the amount of damaged baggage, improve safety and significantly bring down the number of work inflicted injuries resulting from this hard manual baggage lifting.”

Millions of suitcases are transported on a daily basis by airplanes and your suitcase is often thrown around before and after a plane has departed from its origin and arrived at its destination.

The BBHS solution can be integrated at airports in connection with existing sortation systems on departures and arrivals where baggage handling will then be automated. When you hand in your suitcase it will automatically be kept sorted and handled gently all the way to the aircraft, and when you arrive, transport from the plane to the arrival belt will also take place in the same manner, so no one can handle your baggage roughly until it finally finds its way back to you.

If you are in a hurry, you may be pleased to know that unreasonable waiting times may also be a thing of the past. The system makes it possible to deliver luggage faster to Business Class passengers and priority travellers, and will hence provide the extra service that Business class passengers pay for to make sure their luggage appears first on the arrival belt.

The BBHS solution has already been implemented at Billund Airport where it contributed to the airport obtaining the Danish Work Environment Award in 2016. Vojens Airport in southern Denmark is in the process of implementing the advanced system as a test and showroom facility while intense negotiations with other airports are ongoing.

BBHS does not attempt to conceal their strong ambitions. Next week BBHS is one of three companies that have been nominated for an innovation award from The International Air Transport Association (IATA), which represents 265 airlines and 83% of all air traffic.

“We’re proud of the fact that our work is being appreciated that much and it’s very exciting for us to be nominated for such a distinguished award. Hopefully, it will result in more people having focus on our product and the enormous benefits for people and financial gains that our solution will provide,” says Martin Sattrup Christensen.

The IATA-IGHC (IATA Ground Handling Conference) Award will be presented on Wednesday May 24th in Bangkok in Thailand. Up to 900 delegates will cast their votes.