BBHS Intelligent Baggage Handling. We are bridging the gap between the parties in aviation. To improve quality and passenger experience, to improve productivity and work environment. Thus creating value for airports, baggage handlers and airlines alike.
BBHS enables improved space utilization icon

Handlers need:

Improving work environment, productivity and recruitment. Reducing compensation costs.

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Airlines need:

Improving guest satisfaction, improved use of space, carts and system. Reducing delays and compensation costs.

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BBHS enables tracking of baggage

Airports need:

Improving passenger satisfaction. Reducing delays and compensation to airports and passengers.

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CASE: BLL Billund Airport

Billund made a strategic decision with respect to expansion within the next couple of years.

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BBHS wins IGHC Innovator Award 2017

We revolutionize baggage handling! BBHS is awarded winner of IATA IGHC Innovator Award 2017

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