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Innovation within departure baggage handling

BBHS has signed a contract to construct a complete BBHS departure and arrival system for Vojens Airport, Denmark. The setup will consist of a make-up station, an arrival station and carts, able to service the complete volume of current and future traffic at Vojens Airport.

The departure setup consists of a complete make-up station, able to rapidly service and sort up to 1200 pieces of baggage per hour. The system is fully automated and can act on baggage system messages (BSM) to obtain the desired cart make up and priority structure. The process consists of a range of intertwined BBHS components, which all work in sync to deliver the highest level of performance. The components have been designed to batch baggage contained in one BBHS component to fit and match with all other BBHS components.

Departure wise, the baggage starts its journey at the check-in desk and x-ray scanner, and thereafter enters the BBHS make-up station. At the BBHS make-up station, the baggage enters the BBHS bag-orienter (1) where the bag automatically is aligned for the most optimal positioning, based on shape and size. Individually, the BBHS bag-orienter is able to handle >1200 bags per hour and can be used in a wide variety of setups with geometrically constrained processes. After the BBHS bag-orienter process the bags reach the BBHS mini-loader (2). The bags are then sorted based on their BSM’s and arranged to the most appropriate shelf in the BBHS make-up unit. The BBHS mini-loader is able to handle up to 1200 pieces of baggage per hour and is fully flexible for implementation and operation. At the BBHS sortation unit (3), baggage is stored until it is consolidated with four other pieces with the same definitions – if so, the five bags are batched, transferred and transported by the BBHS batch mover (4) to the BBHS departure-consolidation units (5). At the BBHS Departure Consolidation Unit, batches will then wait for enough batches to fill an entire BBHS cart. The BBHS carts (6) are always coupled in pairs, with a total capacity of 60 bags, 30 bags per BBHS cart, equal to 12 batches. When the batches are ready, the apron operator is notified through the BBHS Operator Interface and goes to pick up the bags.

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