BBHS installing complete baggage handling system at Vojens Airport

Friday the 10th of March 2017, BBHS and the Mayor of Haderslev municipality Hans Peter Geil, signed a deal for a complete BBHS system installation at Vojens Airport. With the signed agreement, BBHS will construct and install a complete BBHS system, providing Vojens Airport with the most innovative semi automated baggage handling system available. It will consist of an automated baggage departure make-up station and an arrival station, providing making a complete handling sequence through the BBHS system. The BBHS system will service flights to/from Vojens Airport and as a BBHS showroom and training facility. BBHS will use the facility as a full showroom for potential customers from all over the world and as a training facility. The training facility function will act as a step in the change-management process, system training of super-users and providing them with substantial operational knowledge before implementation at their own airports. The complete setup will be ready and in operation from the summer of 2017.

The signing ceremony was covered by Danish TVSyd and included in their local headline news. To watch the news feature, please follow this link (Danish only): https://goo.gl/uHdnyF

For more information or interest to schedule a visit to our BBHS facility, please contact us at info@bbhs.dk